Exclusive interview with Idaho State WR Tanner Conner: NY Jets interest, playing TE, and more

NY Jets, Tanner Conner
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NY Jets, Tanner Conner
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What NFL teams are interested in Tanner Conner? NY Jets interview?

JF: "Are there any teams you've spoken with quite a bit leading up to the draft? Any teams that seem to keep popping up on your radar?"

TC: "Yeah I mean locally, the Seahawks. At the East-West Shrine Bowl, I can tell you the teams that were really interested in me. Teams like Miami, 49ers, Jets, Giants, Seahawks, Saints, and even the Colts. It's been a mish-mash of different teams. I think a lot of teams are very interested in me, but they don't know how much value they want to put into me as a player. It's just going to be dependent on how much value they think I can bring. I think a lot of teams are looking at me. A lot of teams like the potential they see in me because one of my greatest values as a player is that I have a high ceiling. A lot of guys come out of college and they were really good players, but there's not a lot of room left to grow. With me, I feel like I have a lot of room left to develop and a good skill set to go along with it. That's attractive to a lot of teams, especially with me being a big-bodied receiver that can run. A lot of teams have been just keeping tabs on me and asking for my draft-day number, stuff like that. It'll be interesting to see where I get picked because a lot of people are watching me from far away."

JF: "Yeah, you never know how things will play out and how the board will fall. Of course, we're a Jets site, so I'm glad to hear the Jets are interested."

TC: "Yeah, I had a really good interview with them at the Shrine game. They were really interested in me. I was talking to a bunch of their scouts so it was fun, I liked meeting them."

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Favorite hobbies outside of football

JF: "Awesome man. We'd love to have you in New York. Finally, I just want to end things with a few fun questions to get to know you, to get to know Tanner, as a person. First, what are some of your favorite hobbies outside of football?"

TC: "Even though I grew up as an athlete, I'm pretty geeky outside of it. I like to play video games and watch anime in my free time. That's how I detach from training and football, and a lot of other athletes are into that as well. I feel like it helps me get away from all the training because it's completely different. It also gives me time to reset so I can come back to training and still love the game."

JF: "That's definitely a common thing with athletes nowadays where you're an athlete by day, and you're gaming by night. What's your video game of choice?"

TC: "The game I've played the most is probably Rocket League. It's becoming really big and my brother and I have been playing it for like six years now."

JF: "I've heard others say that as well. It definitely seems like a fun game. I've only played a little bit, but it seems like one of those games that, once you get going, you just want to keep playing to get better and better."

TC: "Absolutely. It sounds stupid, conceptually, but once you start playing you realize it's really fun."