Exclusive interview with Baylor LB Terrel Bernard: NY Jets interest, Senior Bowl, more

NY Jets, Terrel Bernard
NY Jets, Terrel Bernard / Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets had their eye on a number of top 2022 NFL Draft prospects at this year's Senior Bowl, and one of those players was Baylor linebacker Terrel Bernard.

A first-team All-Big 12 selection in 2022, Bernard is regarded as one of the better linebacker prospects in this year's draft class, and he could be a target of the Jets on Day 2 or 3.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Terrel and discuss everything ranging from his football beginnings in Texas to the Senior Bowl to what NFL teams are showing interest to even his go-to karaoke song. Nothing was off-limits.

Special thanks to Terrel for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat just a couple of weeks out from the 2022 NFL Draft. Below is a full transcription of our conversation.

Terrel Bernard on growing up with five siblings

Justin Fried: "Let's start from the beginning. So you grew up in LaPorte, Texas, and you had 5 siblings is that right?"

Terrel Bernard: "Yes sir."

JF: "Now, explain to someone who's an only child what it's like growing up with 5 siblings because that's a foreign concept to me."

TB: "Yeah it was cool. I was right in the middle so I had younger and older siblings so I was getting picked on by my older brother and taking care of my little siblings as well. It was cool being in the middle and being able to see both sides of that."

JF: "I think when you're in that situation, you don't want to be the youngest or the oldest. You want to be in the middle. It's a happy medium."

TB: "For sure."