Surprising Desmond Ridder trade squashes Jets' Zach Wilson dream

The Jets might have trouble finding a Zach Wilson trade partner

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Wilson will not be on the NY Jets' roster in 2024. The former No. 2 overall pick is widely expected to be traded this offseason following a disastrous three years in New York.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Wilson's list of potential suitors appears to be drying up. There doesn't seem to be much of a market for the former BYU star, which could force the Jets to take drastic measures.

You can cross the Arizona Cardinals off the list of potential landing spots after the team agreed to send speedy wide receiver Rondale Moore to the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday in exchange for quarterback Desmond Ridder.

Ridder joins Mac Jones as a young, struggling quarterback to be traded to backup-needy teams this offseason. The Seattle Seahawks acquired Sam Howell in a trade on Thursday as well, crossing off another possible option.

As for Wilson, it's unclear which teams might actually be interested in his services at this point.

The Desmond Ridder trade is more bad news for Zach Wilson and the NY Jets

Jones was sent to the Jacksonville Jaguars to serve as Trevor Lawrence's backup for the price of just a sixth-round pick. If that's all Jones, a much cheaper and better backup option, went for, it's hard to imagine the Jets getting much of anything for Wilson.

Any team acquiring Wilson in a trade would be forced to pay over $5 million to him in 2024. He'll also be entering the final year of his rookie contract, assuming his fifth-year option is declined.

It's hard to blame teams for balking at Wilson given his contract situation and obvious struggles on the field. Teams don't see him in the same vein as Jones or even Ridder as a capable backup QB. If anything, he's a third-string reclamation project.

Perhaps some team might be willing to take a chance on Wilson's upside and maybe even consider him as a QB2. Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs (Andy Reid/BYU connection) and San Francisco 49ers (similar offense) make sense and are both still looking for new backup QBs.

Unfortunately, the list of potential landing spots continues to dwindle as teams target other young projects. Wilson's reputation around the league and, thus, his value is at an all-time low.

The Minnesota Vikings, once seen as a possible trade partner, signed another former Jets quarterback in Sam Darnold. The Los Angeles Rams could be looking for a new backup QB and run a similar offense, but it's hard to imagine Wilson would want to reunite with Mike LaFleur.

The Jets might just be forced to release Wilson, thus doubling the dead cap hit they'd take on in the process. As the days go on, it's looking more and more likely that's the route the Jets will have to take.