Severe weather forces NY Jets players to evacuate MetLife Stadium field

It's raining at MetLife Stadium
NY Jets
NY Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The NY Jets are preparing for their highly anticipated showdown with the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football tonight, but their plans have been temporarily derailed due to severe weather in the area.

Jets players and personnel took the field a little after 5 pm ET to begin their warm-ups ahead of tonight's games, but around 5:15 pm ET, everyone was told to evacuate the field due to inclement weather.

Those in attendance at MetLife Stadium were advised to seek shelter immediately inside vehicles or inside the nearby American Dream mall. The official MetLife Stadium Twitter/X account posted this warning to all patrons.

Not only does this ruin the tailgate experience and potentially pose a threat to those in attendance, but it could also have a direct impact on tonight's game.

What is the weather for the NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football?

The forecast from projects that thunderstorms will persist in the area right up until kickoff at 8:15 pm ET. Other projections suggest that the rain could stop sooner, perhaps even as early as an hour before kickoff.

Either way, it does seem as though the severe weather will cease before or shortly after the start of tonight's game. That doesn't mean the weather won't still impact each team's performance, however.

The turf at MetLife Stadium will very likely still be wet by the time the game starts. It's also worth noting that there was a concert at the venue on Friday and that the New York Giants just played at MetLife last night. It's unclear what condition the turf will be in.

So, what does this mean for tonight's game? It's fair to assume that the Jets/Bills game tonight could be a defense-oriented, low-scoring affair. Expect a heavy dosage of running from both teams as they look to work around the drenched MetLife Stadium turf.

Aaron Rodgers' debut isn't going to be spoiled by some bad weather, but it's likely that his job just became a little more difficult. Here's to hoping that the inclement weather doesn't rain on the Jets' parade in tonight's game.