Seahawks fans are really mad the NY Jets swept Rookie of the Year

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Thursday night was an unforgettable night for the NY Jets organization as Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson swept Rookie of the Year voting for the team while two legends in Darrelle Revis and Joe Klecko earned their rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The momentous occasion called for celebration, but while Jets fans were savoring the historic night, fans of a different NFL franchise weren't so happy.

Seattle Seahawks fans are very upset with how Thursday night went down. Many Seahawks fans seem to believe that cornerback Tariq Woolen and/or running back Kenneth Walker deserved to win their respective Rookie of the Year awards over the Jets' duo of Gardner and Wilson.

They've voiced their concerns on social media, with some going as far as to claim a "New York bias" in favor of the Jets. But just how salty are Seahawks fans? They're so salty that I've actually received emails about how salty they are.

No, that's not a joke.

How salty are Seahawks fans about the NY Jets' Rookie of the Year sweep?

Per, one out of every three comments from Seahawks fans "spouted negativity" about the result. The data was compiled by analyzing over 1,000 comments from across NFL social media channels.

Detroit Lions fans took Aidan Hutchinson's loss a lot better as just 17 percent of Lions fans expressed their disapproval. Seahawks fans nearly doubled that.

Gardner took home 46 out of 50 first-place votes in what was an obvious landslide victory for this year's Defensive Rookie of the Year. He became the first rookie cornerback in over 40 years to be named first-team All-Pro and he was, at least statistically, probably the best cornerback in football.

Meanwhile, Wilson led all rookie wide receivers with 83 catches for 1,103 yards, despite being saddled with the worst quarterback play in the NFL. Walker may have accumulated slightly more total yards, but he also did so on nearly three times as many touches.

Let's take a look at some of the most outrageous takes from salty Seahawks fans over the last day or two.

Perhaps part of that saltiness comes from the fact that the Jets were only able to draft Garrett Wilson as a direct result of the Jamal Adams trade. That trade continues to plague the Seahawks in different ways.

There was no east-coast bias here, let alone a bias in favor of the Jets. The two deserving players won the awards.

Sauce Gardner was likely the best cornerback in football this season. Garrett Wilson was the most productive and efficient offensive rookie, despite historically bad quarterback play.

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Seahawks fans can whine and create false narratives all they want — it's not going to change the results. The voters got these award races right.