Sauce Gardner sends NY Jets fans into a panic with thunderstorm golf session

This is a bad idea
Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Sauce Gardner didn't become the best cornerback in the NFL by accident. The NY Jets' star has shown an unprecedented dedication and commitment to his craft that has allowed him to accomplish things that quite literally no other player at his position has to this point.

Gardner has utilized that same dedication and commitment this offseason when it comes to his newfound love of golf. Yes, Gardner has spent the last few weeks obsessing over a new sport, as can be seen on his social media accounts.

The All-Pro cornerback has taken his new obsession to dangerous levels, however. Gardner posted a video of himself golfing in the middle of a thunderstorm to his social media account on Sunday.

The video shows Gardner teeing off in the middle of a torrential downpour as he drives the ball into the fairway. An apparent lighting strike can be seen just before the video ends. Needless to say, Jets fans are a little concerned for his safety.

NY Jets fans are concerned for Sauce Gardner's safety

Gardner has made golf his new personal obsession this offseason, as he's spent weeks picking up the sport and trying to perfect it. He's even considering launching some sort of golf fundraiser since, as he admits, he has "the golf bug."

It's perfectly normal and anticipated that players will look to take up hobbies in the offseason, and Gardner is clearly taking his golfing seriously. That said, it's always best to err on the side of caution.

The Jets probably wouldn't be too happy about Gardner swinging a metal golf club in the middle of an open field with lighting strikes around him. That's a potentially very dangerous situation for anyone to be in.

Gardner is coming off his second consecutive first-team All-Pro selection, the first cornerback to accomplish such a feat in the modern era. He's a cornerstone of the Jets' defense and one of the best overall players at any position in the NFL.

The Jets need a healthy Sauce Gardner to reach their potential as an organization in 2024. Golfing can be a fun offseason hobby, but it's probably in everyone's best interest to avoid dangerous situations such as this one.

Stay safe out there folks and don't golf in thunderstorms.