Sauce Gardner implies Mecole Hardman leaked NY Jets gameplan against Eagles

Did Sauce Gardner accuse Mecole Hardman of leaking the Jets gameplan?

Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner / Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NY Jets world is exploding and we haven't even reached March yet. The latest piece of drama stems from recent comments made by former Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman, and an implication by Sauce Gardner that could have serious ramifications.

Hardman trashed the Jets in a recent appearance on "The Pivot" podcast with Ryan Clark this week, accusing the team of lying to him amongst a littany of other issues. Jets players haven't taken too kindly to Hardman's accusations.

Jets punter Thomas Morstead called out Hardman on Twitter, calling the three-time Super Bowl champion a "disgruntled former employee," before implying that Hardman felt "entitled" to a role on the team and that he didn't "earn it."

Hardman responded to Morstead, insisting that the Jets punter doesn't know the full story. Amidst the chaos of Hardman's antics, Gardner took to social media to reveal a shocking piece of information that seemed to implicate his former teammate.

Did Sauce Gardner accuse Mecole Hardman of leaking the NY Jets gameplan?

In a since-deleted tweet, Gardner insisted that the Jets had their offensive gameplan leaked ahead of their October game against the Philadelphia Eagles — a game in which the Jets won 20-14.

Although Gardner didn't outright mention Hardman by name, the timing and circumstances surrounding his tweet strongly suggest that the latter might have had something to do with the leak. At least, that's what Gardner appears to be implying.

It should be noted that Hardman admitted to being "checked out" before this game and that he refused to play against the Chiefs two weeks prior.

The Jets would go on to trade Hardman to the Chiefs just three days after defeating the Eagles in Week 6. Again, this isn't to put words in Gardner's mouth, but it doesn't take much to read between the lines here. Others seem to believe the same thing.

If Hardman was involved in leaking the Jets' gameplan, there could be serious implications ahead for the newfound Super Bowl hero. The same is true for his team, the Chiefs, if the tampering allegations are proven true.

Hardman's words may have gotten him in trouble, and the Jets players clearly aren't going to sit back and let him slander their team. Gardner's implied accusation, however, could be monumental in the NFL world if the Jets decide to pursue the issue.

Never a dull day in Jets land. This drama might just be getting started.