Mecole Hardman laughs at idea of returning to the NY Jets this offseason

Mecole Hardman definitely doesn't want to re-sign with the Jets
Mecole Hardman, Aaron Rodgers
Mecole Hardman, Aaron Rodgers / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Former NY Jets wide receiver Mecole Hardman is continuing to assert that he’ll never return to New York, and that’s just fine.

In an interview with NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano, Hardman spoke about his upcoming free agency, implying that he would be very open to re-signing with the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason. As for the Jets, he doesn't exactly have the same level of interest.

Siciliano asked Hardman if he'd be open to returning to the Jets this offseason, and Hardman laughed him off before answering with an emphatic "no."

It’s difficult to overlook a player who caught a game-winning touchdown in overtime of the Super Bowl, but Hardman's time with the Jets wasn't particularly inspiring. It certainly helps to be in an offense with Patrick Mahomes instead of Zach Wilson.

There's a reason Hardman came to the Jets on a one-year, $4 million contract and eventually got traded. He was the fifth-best receiver on a team that missed the playoffs, and he was fortunate that the Chiefs wanted him back.

Although he took advantage of Kansas City's limited cap space and need for another wide receiver, NFL teams, including the Jets, won't be scrambling to secure his services.

Mecole Hardman has no interest in returning to the NY Jets

Hardman echoed his former teammate's girlfriend, Taylor Swift's, sentiments, essentially saying, “We are never, ever, ever, getting back together.”

"Right now, you’re just hearing talk and seeing what’s going on, ideas, and then you probably get a better idea as the week goes on… But whenever free agency starts, you don’t know. We’ll just see if they want me back. If not, it might be somewhere else. So we’ll see."

Mecole Hardman

Hardman finished the 2023 season with just 15 catches, 124 yards, and zero touchdowns. Garrett Wilson could achieve those stats in one game, so it’s not necessarily imperative for the Jets to give Hardman another shot.

The relationship between Hardman and the Jets was strained from the start, as he clearly didn’t fit into Nathaniel Hackett’s plans. As long as Hackett remains in New York, it's safe to assume that Hardman won’t be around. Perhaps things would have been different if Aaron Rodgers had stayed healthy, but we all know how that story ended.

The Jets are still in the market for a receiver, but they'll likely turn to the 2024 NFL Draft or pursue someone with a stronger pedigree than Hardman in free agency.

Despite some recent missteps with signings like Corey Davis and Allen Lazard, the Jets struck gold with Garrett Wilson, so perhaps they can find another Pro Bowl wide receiver through the draft.

Regardless, it's reassuring that Hardman isn't keen on returning to New York, as the Jets shouldn't be interested in having him back either.