Robert Saleh and the NY Jets perfectly handled the Zach Wilson situation

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

The NY Jets may not have the right quarterback for the job currently on their roster, but they have their head coach. Robert Saleh spoke to reporters about the team's quarterback situation on Monday and he could not have handled it any better than the way he did.

Saleh was originally scheduled to speak to the media at 3:15, but he didn't make an appearance until after 5 pm. The Jets told the media that Saleh was "in meetings," a notion that Saleh himself confirmed when he finally joined the media Zoom call.

It didn't take much guessing to figure out what those meetings were about.

When asked about Zach Wilson and the Jets' quarterback situation, Saleh left the door wide open for not only this Sunday but the foreseeable future.

Saleh spoke highly of his second-year quarterback and defended his character while also criticizing his performance and acknowledging his recent press conference misstep.

Robert Saleh and the NY Jets made the right decision with Zach Wilson

Following another disastrous performance from Wilson and his questionable postgame comments, it would have been disingenuous for Saleh to repeat the same tired "we have faith in Zach" line that has dominated Jets press conferences this season.

Instead, Saleh was honest and blunt with his assessment. He called the offense's performance on Sunday "unacceptable" and reiterated that it was "not NFL football."

There was no dancing around the issue. There was no coddling. Saleh wants to win football games. The guys in that locker room want to win football games. This was the only way the Jets could have handled the situation.

While the Jets didn't commit to benching Wilson, they've left the door wide open for a QB change, likely to Mike White. White likely isn't the answer, but it became abundantly clear that something had to be done.

It would have been a disservice to continue pretending everything was fine with Wilson. A disservice to the other players in that locker room and a disservice to the fans who simply want to see competent offensive football.

Rather than close their eyes while the walls of Florham Park came crumbling down, the Jets ripped off the blindfold and attempted to repair the foundation.

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Zach Wilson may not be the answer in New York, but Robert Saleh has proven that he's the right guy to lead this organization.