NY Jets QB Zach Wilson's postgame comments shorten his leash

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

It's hard to have imagined a worse 24 hours for NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. Wilson took the field on Sunday looking to snap a 13-game franchise losing streak against their hated rivals, the New England Patriots.

And despite a dominant defensive performance that resulted in just three Patriots offensive points, the Jets fell short, largely due to Wilson's incompetent performance.

To make matters worse, Wilson refused to place the blame on his shoulders when speaking to reporters after the game, insisting that he didn't believe he let his defense down.

Perhaps the comments were simply misguided. Perhaps no malice was intended. Whatever the case, they haven't gone over well with his teammates — not in the slightest.

From John Franklin-Myers and Sauce Gardner "accidentally" liking tweets criticizing Wilson's words to numerous reports coming out of the Jets facility that players were unhappy with Wilson, it's safe to say that the second-year QB did himself no favors with his postgame remarks.

In doing so, Wilson has likely shortened a leash that was already shrinking with every passing week.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson could be benched in the near future

The Jets aren't going to bench Wilson unless they absolutely have to. Benching Wilson would be an admission of failure — a sign that the team no longer believes he's the guy to build around.

Once you bench Wilson, there's no coming back from that. Sure, you can throw him back into the starting lineup, but it's incredibly difficult for players to buy into a guy as the leader of the team when he was forced to the sideline for performance reasons.

The issue is the Jets might not have a choice before long.

Wilson's postgame comments made a lot of his teammates lose respect for him. His on-field performances are statistically some of the worst we've seen from a quarterback in recent NFL history.

It's hard to justify trotting out a historically inept quarterback whose teammates don't respect him. You can justify and defend his struggles to a certain point, but once he loses the locker room, it's over.

Wilson is teetering on that line right now, and he's in danger of crossing it with another misstep. One more horrible game, one more wrong answer, and Wilson could find himself on the bench.

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Zach Wilson's NFL future hangs in the balance entering Week 12, and he doesn't really have anyone to blame but himself.