NY Jets QB Zach Wilson doesn't believe he let his team down

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson put together one of the worst performances of his NFL career in his team's sluggish 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 11.

It's hard to argue that Wilson, who finished just 9-of-22 for 77 yards, wasn't one of the biggest reasons why the Jets' offense managed just three points and didn't pick up a first down in the entire second half.

Yet, despite Wilson's putrid performance, he doesn't believe he let his team down. At least that's what he told reporters when asked about his role after the game.

When asked if he felt he let the Jets' defense down, Wilson responded with a concise "no." It was a misguided comment at a time when Wilson likely should have shouldered the blame for his team's offensive ineptitude.

Did Wilson mean harm with his comment? Was it intended to be selfish? Of course not. But he had an opportunity to take ownership of this Jets loss. He had an opportunity to place the blame on himself, as most quarterbacks in his situation would have done.

Instead, he deflected. It's safe to say that won't go over well with his teammates, specifically on defense.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson misfired in his post-game press conference

Wilson and the Jets averaged a horrid 0.08 yards per play in the second half. They managed just six first downs and didn't pick up a single one in the second half.

It was one of the worst offensive performances from any team this season, but you could argue it wasn't even in the bottom two of Wilson's performances over the last five weeks.

The Jets' defense sacked Mac Joes six times. They held the Patriots to three offensive points and allowed just four third-down completions on 15 attempts. But it still wasn't enough to overcome Wilson and the offense's incompetence.

After the Jets' stunning Week 9 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen took ownership for his team's loss. He threw for over 200 yards and rushed for 86 yards and two scores in that game.

Wilson refused to do the same in a game in which he was as bad as any quarterback has been this season. Whether he intended malice or not, the response from the media, fans, and his fellow teammates will be the same.

"No" was the wrong answer.

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