Robert Saleh leaves door open for Zach Wilson returning to NY Jets in 2024

The Jets might end up with another year of Wilson
NY Jets, Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson / Al Bello/GettyImages

Just when everyone left NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson for dead once again, the former No. 2 pick responded with one of the best games of his career. Wilson helped Robert Saleh's Jets snap a five-game losing streak with a dominant 30-6 win over a solid Houston Texans team.

Not only did the Jets dominate in all three phases, but they won primarily thanks to the lightning arm of Wilson. After going 27-36 with 301 yards and a pair of touchdowns, it's hard to argue against the notion that this is the best start Wilson has had in his professional career.

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Wilson was going to be playing elsewhere next season, as his poor season prior to the Texans game and some rumors hinting at a potential departure seem to be converging. Saleh, however, seems to have left the door open for a potential fourth season in New York.

“Anything can happen,” Saleh said, per The Athletic. The Jets will likely add another backup in the offseason to get some security behind Aaron Rodgers, but every standout Wilson performance will make it more difficult for the front office to finally bite the bullet and move on.

Robert Saleh teases possible Zach Wilson-NY Jets reunion

Wilson is still not a particularly good quarterback, but he is better than he was in the last two seasons. Despite having exactly one above-average receiving talent in Garrett Wilson and the league's most injured offensive line, Wilson looked like he did at BYU against the Texans.

Wilson will have four more games to audition for another backup job. Up first is a contending rival in the Miami Dolphins, followed by a very beatable defense in the Washington Commanders. However, Wilson will end the year against two of the league's best defenses in the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots.

If Wilson plays like he did against Houston, or at least close to it, the Jets need to at least consider the possibility that something mentally has clicked. That would be huge, as his issues have always been between the ears instead of relating to his physical talent.

In much the same way Wilson is playing free, the Jets likely are playing with house money in regards to Zach. If he is terrible, they can cut bait after the season easily. If he plays well, they will either get a solid backup or a very enticing trade chip that might bring back genuine compensation.