Ranking the top 10 wide receivers in NY Jets history

From Don Maynard to Brandon Marshall, here is our list of the greatest wide receivers in New York Jets history.
NY Jets, Wayne Chrebet
NY Jets, Wayne Chrebet / Lou Capozzola-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Don Maynard, WR, NY Jets

Don Maynard, a Hall of Famer, is widely regarded as the greatest wide receiver in Jets history. He was a key member of the team during the 1960s and played a pivotal role in the Jets' Super Bowl III victory. Maynard's exceptional speed, route-running ability, and deep-threat skills made him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Maynard, the only Super Bowl winner on the list, finished his career with 627 catches, 11,732 yards, and 88 touchdowns. He played 13 seasons for the team, made four Pro Bowls, and made an All-Pro team in 1969.

To put into perspective just how much better Maynard was than any other Jets receiver, he finished with 47 more catches than Chrebet, 3,400 more yards than Walker, and 17 more touchdowns than Walker.

He was literally a full season better at catching passes than the next closest guy, two full seasons better at catching touchdowns, and three full seasons better at racking up yards.

Maynard ranks 14th all-time in receiving touchdowns and 31st all-time in receiving yards despite playing more than 50 years ago when quarterbacks hardly threw the football. He also ranks in the top 75 in catches in NFL history.

Maynard was not only the best New York Jets receiver of all time, but he was also the best of his era across the league and still ranks as one of the best of all time to catch passes, despite the drastic uptick in talent at the position, uptick in talent at the quarterback position, longer seasons, and more opportunities for catches.

A true NFL and Jets legend is where we will end our list.