Ranking the 5 most important games of the NY Jets 2023 schedule

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4). NY Jets Week 3: Sept. 24 vs. New England Patriots

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, the big elephant in the room is here. Those pesky New England Patriots have had the Jets' number dating back to 2015. That's the last time the Jets actually beat the Patriots in overtime during the regular season and since then, it's been 14 straight losses.

The time is now to finally conquer the Patriots and make a statement that the Jets mean business in 2023. It won't be easy but the Patriots haven't looked the same over the past few years so it's the perfect opportunity to end this losing streak once and for all.

3). NY Jets Week 12: Nov. 24 vs. Miami Dolphins (Black Friday Football)

It's always going to be something special if you're able to take part in an inaugural event. Such is the case for the Jets that will take on the Miami Dolphins in the first-ever Black Friday Football game. It should be a great matchup considering how competitive the Dolphins have been over the last few years.

It's an important game since division rivalry games mean so much, especially if you're doing your best to make a playoff run. The Jets need to beat their AFC East foes and the Dolphins are a formidable opponent so this should be a good one that could end up being a crucial game in a playoff race at this point of the regular season.