Predicting the outcome for all 22 NY Jets free agents in 2024

Which free agents will the Jets re-sign?

Bryce Huff, Quincy Williams
Bryce Huff, Quincy Williams / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Bryce Hall, CB, NY Jets

Bryce Hall has been buried on a loaded Jets cornerback depth chart over the last two seasons, but he proved last year that he still has what it takes to be a starter in this league. That's why it's hard to imagine the Jets will be able to re-sign him.

Expect some team to give Hall an opportunity to compete for a starting job in 2024. The Jets will have to look elsewhere for cornerback depth.

Prediction: Not re-signed

Justin Hardee, ST, NY Jets

There may not be a more valuable special-teams player on the Jets' roster than Justin Hardee. The 2022 Pro Bowler missed six games this past season, and the Jets' special teams suffered as a result.

If Brant Boyer has his way, Hardee will be back in 2024.

Prediction: Re-signed

Jalyn Holmes, DE/DT, NY Jets

The Jets rotated between a few players for their fourth defensive tackle spot in 2023, and one of those players was Jalyn Holmes. Holmes appeared in five games, recording one sack and five total tackles.

There's a chance Holmes is brought back to compete for a roster spot, but he is already 28 years old. The Jets can probably find a younger guy to fill that role.

Prediction: Not re-signed

Bryce Huff, DE, NY Jets

This is the big one. The Jets' most significant internal free agent is former undrafted free agent Bryce Huff, who has developed into one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.

Despite Huff's success, the Jets don't seem to view him as a three-down player. Expect multiple teams to offer Huff a big-money contract in the offseason. It would be a surprise if he was re-signed at this stage — the Jets just don't seem to value him enough.

Prediction: Not re-signed