Pitiful NY Jets WR numbers show complete failure of every offensive unit

These numbers are getting historically bad
NY Jets, Allen Lazard
NY Jets, Allen Lazard / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The NY Jets can't do a single thing right on the offensive side of the ball right now. For a team that has a budding star in Garrett Wilson and gave Allen Lazard $44 million in the offseason, that should say a lot about how poorly Zach Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett have performed. Things boiled over in a loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The most exciting pass play of the day came thanks to punter Thomas Morstead, who hit cornerback/punt gunner Brandin Echols on a perfectly executed fake punt that led to the Jets' only touchdown drive since the bye week.

With Wilson playing so poorly that he finally got sat down and Tim Boyle somehow performing worse, it's no surprise the Jets were unable to get the ball to their playmakers. However, the gravity of their offensive ineptitude so baffling that it almost defies belief.

Echols picked up 18 yards on the fake punt, while the rest of the Jets wide receivers had three catches for 16 yards all game. No. 17 mustered just two catches for nine yards and a fumble, while Xavier Gipson had a seven-yard catch. Wilson did not complete a pass to a wide receiver.

NY Jets WR corps records just 16 yards in loss to Bills

The great chicken and egg game in trying to figure out what is wrong with the Jets offense continues without resolution. Is Wilson struggling to get Garrett and others the ball because of their poor offensive scheme and subpar individual play, or are they failing because the quarterback is inept?

With no threat of going deep down the field, Wilson clearly playing scared, and Hackett's conservative style of play calling, defenses can focus on keeping everything in front of them. As a result, even terrific young targets like Wilson can get shut down and make mistakes when they do get the ball.

The Jets were clearly selling themselves on Rodgers throwing to a core of Wilson, Corey Davis, Lazard, Mecole Hardman, and Odell Beckham Jr. in the offseason. Since Rodgers came to town, Davis has retired, Hardman was traded after barely playing, and Beckham signed with the Ravens.

The Jets have officially ended the Wilson experiment, opting for Boyle to start the Black Friday game against the Dolphins. This likely won't result in more points or a better day for the wide receivers, as the Jets are simply not in a position to score points or sustain drives.