Odell Beckham Jr. and 3 players the NY Jets should avoid in free agency

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The NY Jets have already been very active in free agency, but there are three available players they should avoid signing.

When the Jets signed Allen Lazard to a four-year, $44 million contract, it symbolized a change in New York. Although it’s not official, that deal gave us a great indication that Aaron Rodgers will be the team’s quarterback next year, making the 2023 season the most hyped campaign in more than a decade.

Before we know it, Rodgers will be a member of the Jets. When you have a four-time MVP and Super Bowl winner at quarterback, it opens a lot of options in free agency, which the Jets weren’t previously keen to.

Although the Jets have signed marquee free agents in the past such as Le’Veon Bell and Carl Lawson for example, Rodgers should attract a higher star quality than that.

It’s never been more exciting to be a Jets fan because not only is Rodgers a franchise-changing player, but the team around him is already good, and better yet, they’re young.

We may only be subject to one year of Rodgers, so even if this experiment fails, the window to win doesn’t close, as there’s no doubt another high-profile quarterback would want to play for this team in 2024 and beyond.

So, as we get excited about a new season and a few new free agents signing with the Jets, let's look at three players the team shouldn’t sign, despite their name recognition and prior success.