Tiki Barber slams NY Jets QB Zach Wilson for 'trying to build his brand'

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Kevin R. Wexler-NorthJersey.com / USA

Sometimes you just can't please everyone. NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has spent the offseason flying around from city to city to work out with his teammates while focusing on his own physical conditioning.

By all accounts, he's been putting in the work necessary for success in 2022 and everyone from his coaches to his teammates to analysts have praised him for it. But former NFL running back Tiki Barber still isn't impressed.

In fact, Barber recently shared his concerns about Wilson during Thursday's Tiki and Tierney show on WFAN radio. During the segment, Barber highlighted Wilson's trips to local sporting events and his "love life" while accusing the second-year quarterback of "trying to build his brand."

Barber seemed to dislike the fact that Wilson had made more headlines this offseason for his appearances off the field, even going as far as to say that it "almost feels intentional."

The infuriating minute-long clip could be seen below in its entirety.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson has undoubtedly been putting in the work

Needless to say, a professional athlete can both attend a sporting event and watch film/build rapport with his teammates at the same time. These dudes aren't robots who spend 24 hours a day watching film and working out.

In fact, Wilson was just in Idaho this past week working out and bonding with his teammates. He spent the week off of social media and on the field, building chemistry with his fellow Jets.

And yes, there were headlines about it. There would have been even more if not for his private love life being leaked by his ex-girlfriend — a situation that was, obviously, entirely out of his control.

Wilson flew across the country to work out with teammates in at least three different states this offseason. He reportedly showed up to minicamp in phenomenal shape and has repeatedly been praised by the coaching staff for his continued knowledge of the offensive system.

Yet, Barber chooses to focus on him attending a New York Rangers playoff game with teammates as if that's some type of crime. As if a pro athlete — something Barber knows all about — is prohibited from making any non-football-related public appearances during the offseason.

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Takes like this make one thing very clear: we need football to start already. This commentary is getting out of hand.