NY Jets Twitter is freaking out over the Zach Wilson drama

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Who doesn't love a little offseason beef? In between the unfounded optimism and "best shape of their career" reports, it's always fun to stumble across some spicy offseason drama. Such is currently the case on NY Jets Twitter.

Reports emerged earlier in the year that Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and his then-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, had split. A recent Instagram post seemed to confirm that Gile now has a new love interest — that being former BYU wide receiver Dax Milne.

Wilson and Milne were notably very close during their time together at BYU and were spotted at a BYU basketball game earlier this year. Now, the two have unfollowed each other on social media and Milne is dating his (former?) best friend's ex-girlfriend.

That's just half of this story, however.

Gile later suggested on Instagram that Wilson was "sleeping with his mom's best friend," calling him a "homie hopper" in the process. Perhaps the intention was to make Wilson look bad, but it's seemingly had the opposite effect.

Social media has been buzzing about this objectively hilarious development with many Jets Twitter users spending their Sunday making memes instead of spending time with their friends and family. The results have been magnificent.

NY Jets Twitter is flipping out about the Zach Wilson/Dax Milne drama

Today has been a fun day on Jets Twitter. A very fun day.

Some have chosen to focus on the "mom's best friend" side of the story while others have instead opted to discuss the dynamic between Wilson and his former best friend.

It should be noted that the only part of this story that is confirmed is that Gile and Milne are now dating. Gile's claim about Wilson and his mom's best friend has not been confirmed. That hasn't prevented the hilarity from ensuing, however.

In the dark, lonely days of the NFL offseason, days like today are oftentimes needed. They provide a brief diversion from the boring, monotonous summer news cycle.

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Many Jets fans have been hoping to see Zach Wilson follow in the footsteps of the legendary Joe Namath. It appears Wilson is looking to do that in more ways than one.