NY Jets QB Zach Wilson was 'screwing around' and 'late to meetings'

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The 2022 season was a disaster for NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. From his preseason injury to multiple mid-season benchings, Wilson went from hopeful franchise savior to outcast who might not even be on the roster next season.

But while some of his shortcomings were the result of external factors, many of them were also self-inflicted. Not just from a performance standpoint either.

The Score's Jordan Schultz made an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Friday and spoke about Wilson's future with the Jets. Schultz insisted that there would be "a mutiny" if Wilson was the starter entering the 2023 season.

Part of that is down to Wilson's antics last season and his perception amongst many of his teammates. Wilson is seemingly not well-liked in the Jets' locker room, and it seems to stem from his "approach," as Schultz called it.

Schultz told McAfee about how Wilson was "late to meetings" and "screwing around in meetings," comparing the situation to the one with Kyler Murray in Arizona. He said that Wilson's teammates know how talented he is, but that "his approach was not well regarded."

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson rubbed his teammates the wrong way

Wilson's off-field behavior combined with his near-historic on-field struggles leaves the Jets no choice. They may publicly insist that they're committed to his development, but there's no scenario in which Wilson can return as the starter in 2023. In fact, it would be surprising if he was even QB2 at this stage.

This isn't the first we've heard of Wilson rubbing his teammates the wrong way. Even aside from his infamous postgame comments after the New England Patriots game, there have been rumblings about Wilson's attitude not going over well in the locker room.

This is the first we've heard about Wilson being late to meetings, however. When you combine that with his issues on the field, it's no surprise that Jets players rallied for Mike White to start.

As The Athletic's Zach Rosenblatt reported on Thursday, "multiple teammates [of Wilson] openly grumbled about his return during practice and in meetings," after he returned to the starting lineup to replace the injured White.

Everyone in that locker room was well aware that Wilson wasn't fit to play, and the fact that his attitude was perceived as a problem all but solidified his lack of respect on the team.

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The Jets will move forward with Zach Wilson on the roster for now, but he has a long road ahead of him if he ever wants to be taken seriously as a guy who can lead the franchise in the future. This is a pretty strong indictment of his character.

*UPDATE: Pat McAfee and others have since refuted Schultz's claim and reported it as inaccurate*