NY Jets QB Zach Wilson has become public enemy No. 1 — why?

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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It's been a rough few years for NY Jets fans. Some could say it's even been a rough few decades, considering that's how long it's been since the good guys hoisted the championship trophy.

2021 hasn't been any easier on the team or its fanbase. Currently sitting at 3-9 with one of the worst products put on the field this season, fans are already looking forward to next season.

But keeping focus on the current year, the Jets haven't been hurting in terms of headlines. Not long ago, current head coach Robert Saleh and former head coach Rex Ryan exchanged pleasantries over comments that Ryan made about Saleh's coaching performance so far.

The team also cannot catch a break — no pun intended, when it comes to injuries. This year, the Jets have lost Marcus Maye, Zach Wilson, Brandin Echols, Carl Lawson, Lamarcus Joyner, and Denzel Mims to injury, or COVID-19 in Mims' case. That's only scratching the surface of names too.

Luck continues to evade the Jets even into December, losing their bout against the Philadelphia Eagles with no help from some awful officiating.

While you never want to blame officiating as the reason you lost a game, there's no denying it has an impact. There have been several occasions that the Jets haven't had the calls they deserve, and it has hurt the team.

Following the game against the Eagles, free agent signee Corey Davis was said to undergo season-ending surgery. The ball has seemingly bounced every possible way in order to inconvenience New York.

But there has been no bigger headline since October 24th than the quarterback room — the day that Zach Wilson was knocked out of the Patriots game on a late hit.

Since then, the Jets have cycled through three quarterbacks. The rise and fall of Mike White, Josh Johnson, and Joe Flacco. Just about everybody was ready for Zach Wilson to return from injury.

Well, almost everybody.