NY Jets: Robert Saleh fires back at Rex Ryan after critical rant

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Al Bello/GettyImages

Catfight in the NY Jets' coaches' doghouse? Choose your side wisely.

On one hand, head coach Robert Saleh, the owner of a pitiful 2-7 record this season. On the other, ex-coach Rex Ryan, who still feels the need to open his mouth on all Jets-related matters.

Saleh recently responded to Ryan's mean-spirited critique of the Jets' coaching staff following their Week 10 blowout loss, but this petty feud is far from over.

Honestly, there's no clear winner in this heated Saleh-Ryan exchange (not that this is a contest of any sort).

Saleh's Jets are very, very bad and very deserving of criticism. New York has allowed 175 points over their last four games, most recently getting humiliated by Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs in the Bills' 45-17 drubbing.

The Jets defense has been abominable ever since they came out of the bye week, and there's nothing Saleh can say to change that fact.

NY Jets coach Robert Saleh issues a vague threat to Rex Ryan after Week 10 criticism

On offense, the Mike White "who should have been the first overall pick" (his words, not ours) went 24-of-44 for 251 yards and failed to throw for a single touchdown, racking up four interceptions instead. At least that should clear the Jets' quarterback situation up.

No matter how low the Jets go this season, though, Ryan should not be holding the limbo stick, or a microphone, for that matter.

Still, Saleh delivered his most Western-gun-draw-duel-esque comment yet, telling Ryan that the former Jets coach "knows where to find him."

Of course, Ryan knows where to find him. Saleh will be in his office trying to figure out how to salvage the rest of the Jets' pathetic 2021 season.

More symbolic than literal, Saleh's remarks won't come close to piercing Ryan's overly inflated ego, but they certainly are more tactful than, say, "Shut your big mouth."

As the Jets painfully look forward to Week 11, Ryan will be but a blip on the Jets' radar of never-ending outside criticism.

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Saleh has bigger things to worry about anyway.