NY Jets: Which quarterback is Zach Wilson's NFL comparison?

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Chris Gardner/Getty Images

The newest NY Jets quarterback, Zach Wilson, has received plenty of attention this offseason. But which NFL quarterback should the second overall pick be compared to?

We live in a world where everyone loves to make comparisons.

Before playing in the league, analysts compared Lamar Jackson to Michael Vick. Tua Tagovailoa drew comparisons to Drew Brees. Recently, some have compared Zach Wilson to Patrick Mahomes. But is that a reasonable comparison for the former BYU Cougar?

Mahomes and Wilson both have the ability to make long and accurate throws on the run. While his arm strength helps, it certainly isn't the only reason why Mahomes is an excellent quarterback.

The Super Bowl LIV MVP is also an extremely accurate passer and a very good decision-maker. Can we say the same about Wilson?

Additionally, Mahomes first three seasons as a starter indicate that he could end up as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. However, a Mahomes comparison might be a little rich for Wilson.

What is a good comparison for NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson?

Wilson was not viewed as a future NFL franchise quarterback entering his final collegiate season. Despite that, he ended up being a top-two pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Wilson has shown that he is athletic and a very talented passer. However, critics point out that Wilson did not consistently face good defenses in college.

You know what other player also fits this description? Kyler Murray.

Wilson is less athletic, but taller than Murray. Despite that, the two of them have a lot in common as explained above.

As a rookie, Murray recorded over 4,200 yards from scrimmage while scoring 24 touchdowns and throwing 12 interceptions.

This past season, Murray recorded over 4,700 yards from scrimmage while scoring 37 touchdowns and throwing 12 interceptions. Jets fans should be pleased if Wilson can have that type of production in his first two seasons.

Jets fans have embraced Wilson as the team's newest quarterback. The fanbase has been waiting for a franchise quarterback. At this time three years ago, the Jets had recently drafted Sam Darnold and many expected him to become a star with the Jets.

As we know now, that did not happen.

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How will Wilson fare in New York? Will the Jets be looking for a new quarterback three years from now? Will Wilson end up becoming one of the league's best quarterbacks?

Only time will tell.