NY Jets: Zach Wilson is the first rookie QB captain in team history

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The NY Jets officially announced their five team captains on Wednesday. Among those five captains was an inexperienced name, rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

Not all rookie quarterbacks are named captain. In fact, not all starting quarterbacks, rookie or not, receive the honor of being named captain of their team. Just look at Tua Tagovailoa in Miami.

Despite the fact that he's never played in an NFL game, Wilson was named one of just five captains (only two on offense) for the Jets this season.

Not only is this an incredible badge of honor to wear, it's also the first time this has happened in Jets history.

Zach Wilson is the first rookie quarterback to be a captain in NY Jets history

The NFL introduced designated team captains in 2007. The "team captain" concept is one that's been around for far longer, but 2007 is the year that commissioner Roger Goodell introduced it in an official capacity.

No quarterback in Jets history has ever been named team captain in his rookie season. Of course, this doesn't necessarily cover a lot of ground. Really, there are only three players who have even been realistically eligible.

Mark Sanchez was not named a captain in his rookie season. In fact, it wasn't until his third NFL season in 2011 that he was finally named captain by then head coach Rex Ryan.

Geno Smith was never a captain of the Jets, although that came during the period where the Jets opted not to designate captains. Smith never had a chance, but Sam Darnold did when he was drafted in 2018.

Yet, despite being the youngest Week 1 starting quarterback in franchise history, Darnold wasn't named a captain until the following season in 2019.

That makes Zach Wilson the first. Sure, it's a small sample size and it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but Wilson has evidently already won over the locker room.

Players and coaches alike speak to his leadership and the command he has over the team. It's not just praise for the sake of praise either.

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Zach Wilson is already proving himself to be a leader of men. Now, he has a little bit of history to support that notion.