NY Jets: Zach Wilson Rookie of the Year odds are surprising

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The NY Jets have high hopes for quarterback Zach Wilson both in his rookie season and for the foreseeable future.

After decades of quarterback turnover, the Jets are hoping that Wilson can be the franchise's long-awaited answer at the position. But it's important not to get ahead of ourselves — baby steps are a necessity when it comes to developing young quarterbacks.

Wilson is among the most high-profile rookies in this year's class, a product of being the second overall pick. And by most accounts, he should stand a pretty good chance at receiving the honor of being the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year.

At least when it comes to pre-season predictions. However, that might not be the case.

Wilson is currently listed as the third most likely Offensive Player of the Year candidate with +600 odds, behind both Trevor Lawrence (+275) and Justin Fields (+525), per WynnBet. This comes as a bit of a surprise.

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NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson should have higher odds to win Rookie of the Year.

Now, Wilson being ranked behind Lawrence is hardly a shock. Lawrence was the consensus No. 1 overall pick and one of the most highly-touted prospects to come out of college in quite some time.

You could argue that Wilson may be in a slightly better situation, but Lawrence was always going to receive better Rookie of the Year odds than his draft-mate, at least to start the season.

The real conversation begins with the other player ranked ahead of Wilson, Justin Fields.

Many analysts had Fields and Wilson ranked fairly similar as prospects, but it became clear that the NFL almost unanimously viewed the latter as the better prospect. But this isn't about that.

Fields will likely begin the season on the bench and it's unclear when he'll assume the starting role. If the Chicago Bears are winning, Fields might be left on the sideline watching veteran Andy Dalton start for most (if not all) of the season.

And even if Dalton struggles, it's hard to see Fields taking the field before Week 4 or 5 unless he impresses that much in training camp.

Meanwhile, Wilson is the unquestioned starter in New York and is surrounded with a fairly competent supporting cast. Wilson will be given every opportunity to stockpile stats and make a lasting impression on eventual end-of-the-year award voters.

The last seven quarterbacks to win Offensive Rookie of the Year have started at least 15 games in their first season. It seems highly unlikely that Fields hits that number as a rookie.

Wilson, on the other hand, is expected to, barring injury. That alone should give him better odds than Fields.

Even Trey Lance is listed at +700 odds, very similar odds to Wilson, despite the fact that he's expected to begin the year behind Jimmy Garoppolo on the quarterback depth chart in San Francisco.

Is this grasping at straws? Perhaps a little — it's certainly not something to get worked up over.

But Zach Wilson deserves to be right behind Trevor Lawrence when it comes to Offensive Rookie of the Year rankings. Not clumped into the middle of the Justin Fields and Trey Lance group.

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