NY Jets winners and losers following Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft

NY Jets, Bryce Huff
NY Jets, Bryce Huff / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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Winner: Corey Davis

All things considered, it's quite frankly stunning that Corey Davis is still on the Jets' roster as we approach May. At this point, it seems likely that he will be with the team come Week 1.

That notion would have seemed preposterous just a couple of months ago, but after passing on drafting a wide receiver in Round 1, it seems as though the Jets are comfortable with Davis and his hefty cap hit.

Many Jets fans were pushing for the team to select Ohio State's Jaxon Smith-Njigba, a move that would have almost certainly spelled the end for Davis in New York. Ultimately, the Jets went in a different direction.

It's still possible that the Jets add a wide receiver on Day 2 and put Davis' roster spot in jeopardy again, but for now, he seems likely to stick around. That makes him a winner.

Loser: Aaron Rodgers

What does Aaron Rodgers need to do to get some help around here? The Jets' skill position group is perfectly acceptable, but it is at least a little funny to see the team make a move for Rodgers and instead add to their already-stacked defensive line.

Rodgers has still never had his team draft a wide receiver in the first round. In fact, the last time Rodgers' team drafted a non-quarterback offensive player in the first round was 2011. The Jets made sure that trend continued.

I've been very vocal about this Jets' skill position group needing one more difference-maker to put them over the edge. Smith-Njigba could have been that player. Even Dalton Kincaid could have filled that role.

It's hard to blame the Jets for not drafting an offensive tackle, but there were skill position players available who would have made a larger impact than McDonald this season. The Jets passed on them, and Rodgers saw his team draft a defensive player once again.