NY Jets expect Corey Davis to be on their Week 1 roster

NY Jets, Corey Davis
NY Jets, Corey Davis / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the offseason, no player on the NY Jets roster seemed more likely to be a cap casualty than wide receiver Corey Davis. Rumors stretching back to January suggested the Jets were preparing to release Davis, but as we sit here approaching the end of April, he's still with the team.

The Jets could release or trade Davis at any point and save $10.5 million, but it doesn't seem like they're in any hurry to do so. In fact, it seems likely that Davis isn't going anywhere.

SNY's Connor Hughes made a recent appearance on the Thursday Thick Of It podcast on Thursday, where he talked about Davis' future. By all accounts, the Jets expect Davis to be on the team's Week 1 roster.

Hughes insisted that he's been led to believe that Davis will not be involved in the eventual Aaron Rodgers trade and that the Jets are operating under the assumption that Davis will be with the team in 2023.

The NY Jets seem likely to keep Corey Davis

The Jets originally signed Davis to a three-year, $37.5 million contract ahead of the 2021 season to be the team's de facto WR1. He never quite lived up to those expectations and, even with a diminished role in 2022, injuries prevented him from reaching his ceiling.

Davis has played just 22 of a possible 34 games since signing with the Jets a couple of years ago. He dealt with significant drop issues in 2021, and while he was more reliable this past season, he still missed four games due to injury.

The Jets will be forced to create cap space to sign Aaron Rodgers and make any other moves (Ben Jones, etc.), and releasing/trading Davis would more than double their current available cap space.

Despite this, the Jets seem content with Davis as their third or fourth wide receiver in 2023. If healthy, he absolutely can fill that WR3 role alongside Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and Mecole Hardman.

The Jets appear willing to bank on Davis staying healthy in the final year of his contract as opposed to making another investment in the wide receiver position to replace him.

In spite of all the turnover in the Jets' wide receiver room this offseason, Corey Davis seems likely to remain with the team. That's probably not something many had on their Jets' offseason bingo cards a few months ago.