NY Jets urged to trade Mekhi Becton in ridiculous proposal

NY Jets, Mekhi Becton
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There was a point earlier in the offseason where it seemed as if the NY Jets might legitimately consider trading away offensive tackle Mekhi Becton.

Rumors swirled about the team's interest in NC State offensive tackle Ikem Ekwonu while many believed the Jets were far from pleased with how Becton's 2021 season went. The new coaching staff didn't appear to be fans of the franchise's 2020 first-round pick.

However, the draft came and went, and Becton remained with the organization. Going into the 2022 season, few players are more integral to the Jets' success than Becton.

Evidently, if the Jets were going to trade Becton, it would have happened already. There isn't a feasible scenario in which the team would move the 23-year-old before the start of the season.

That hasn't stopped some from suggesting the possibility, however. In fact, Ian Wharton of Bleacher Report essentially urged the Jets to do so.

Wharton recently released an article in which he broke down one trade each NFL team "should offer" before the 2022 season, and he suggested that the Jets could trade Becton to the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for a second and a fourth-round pick.

"Despite a dominant 2020 rookie season, the controversy around offensive tackle Mekhi Becton has been looming since he missed 16 games of the 2021 season because of a knee injury...This could be the last time the Jets can get solid value for Becton if he can't prove he's healthy or reliable in 2022."

Ian Wharton

No, the NY Jets aren't going to trade Mekhi Becton

Trading Becton never really made sense for the Jets. The former Louisville star's value was at an all-time low following an injury-riddled 2021 campaign that was also embroiled in some off-field controversy.

The Jets would have been cutting their losses with an asset before it was a loss. It just wouldn't have been wise roster construction. Perhaps that's the reason they didn't go through with it.

Either way, trading Becton now makes even less sense. Most importantly, even if the Jets were willing to move on, who exactly would take his place?

Wharton suggested that the Jets "could give either 2019 third-round pick Chuma Edoga or 2022 fourth-round pick Max Mitchell the opportunity to start this season." That sure sounds like someone who hasn't watched Edoga play before.

Edoga is on the roster bubble entering the 2022 season and, quite frankly, it would be a surprise to see him start another NFL game at this point. As for Mitchell, he's currently behind both Edoga and Conor McDermott on the depth chart and doesn't appear likely to play early in his career.

If anything, the Jets would be forced to turn to McDermott if Becton were to be traded, unless they signed someone like Riley Reiff. Either way, none of those options are a particularly sound strategy for the Jets.

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The Jets aren't going to trade Mekhi Becton. It made little sense back in April, and it makes even less sense now.