NY Jets await unprecedentedly elusive 'Hard Knocks' announcement

The NFL has literally NEVER waited this long to announce a 'Hard Knocks' team
NY Jets, Hard Knocks
NY Jets, Hard Knocks / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets are less than two weeks away from the start of their 2023 training camp, and while all indications are that they will have an extra camera crew in attendance this summer, no official announcement has been made.

The NFL and HBO have typically announced the summer's "Hard Knocks" team no later than June over the course of the show's history. In fact, the unusual wait for this year's announcement isn't just peculiar — it's downright unprecedented.

The NFL has quite literally never waited this long to make the announcement. Prior to 2023, the latest an official announcement was ever made was in 2021 when the Dallas Cowboys were revealed as that summer's "Hard Knocks" team on July 2.

We're over a week past that date, and there still hasn't been any direct indication from the league or HBO. Rumors suggest the NFL wants the Jets, but the team has been steadfast in their desire not to appear on the show.

Unfortunately, they may not have a choice.

The NY Jets are still expected to be forced to appear on 'Hard Knocks'

The Jets are one of just four teams that the NFL can force to appear on the hit HBO show this year because they meet the required criteria. The other three teams are the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Commanders.

The Bears and Saints have both publicly expressed that they have no interest in the show while the Commanders have privately indicated that they would accept a "Hard Knocks" assignment if it came down to it, according to NBC Sports' Mike Florio.

The NFL has other plans, however.

Despite the team's reluctance, the Jets are reportedly "bracing" for the NFL's official announcement in the coming days. The expectation is that the league will choose the Jets.

While the league generally doesn't prefer to force teams to appear on "Hard Knocks," this wouldn't be the first time it's happened. The NFL did the same with the then-Oakland Raiders in 2019.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh has publicly stated that he doesn't want his team on "Hard Knocks." Numerous Jets players have insisted the same thing. But if the NFL wants it to happen, it's going to happen.

Perhaps the Jets' reluctance is why the situation has taken as long as it has. The league could be hoping to mend fences with the Jets with the hope that they will be more receptive to the official announcement.

Either way, the Jets are still expected to be chosen. The wait has been unprecedentedly long, but we should have our answer soon enough.