NY Jets likely not interested in a 'Hard Knocks' appearance

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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The NY Jets are one of four teams eligible to be forced to appear on this year's edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks" program. In a normal year, the "Hard Knocks" team would have been announced by now, but there appears to be a hold-up.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio recently suggested that the potential hold-up could be related to the Jets' reluctance to appear on the show. Florio insisted that if the Jets wanted to appear on the HBO show, "it likely would have been already announced by now."

He referred to the Jets as "the most compelling selection," implying that, if the NFL had it their way, the Jets would be their team of choice. The Jets just don't appear to be very interested.

This furthers a notion that was shared by Brian Costello of the New York Post in April. Costello reported that "coaches are reluctant because of the distractions it can cause."

Jets head coach Robert Saleh was asked about the possibility of the Jets appearing on "Hard Knocks" in March and replied with a noncommital, "I'll leave that one alone." It's not hard to read between the lines with that comment.

The NY Jets can still be forced to appear on 'Hard Knocks'

It's highly unusual that the league hasn't announced this year's "Hard Knocks" team by now. Last year, the Detroit Lions were selected to appear on the show in March. We're now almost through the first week of June and there's still no word on what HBO's plans are for this summer.

Despite the Jets' reluctance, however, they are still one of four teams — along with the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Commanders — that can be forced to appear on "Hard Knocks."

To be eligible, teams must not have appeared on the show within the last 10 years, they can't have made the postseason in either of the past two years, and they can't have a first-year head coach. All four of those teams meet the criteria.

The Las Vegas Raiders were notably very against the idea of the team appearing on "Hard Knocks" in 2019, with team owner Mark Davis even calling the show "disruptive." That didn't stop the league from forcing the team to do the show anyway.

The Jets might end up in the same boat. It's unclear if the hold-up is related to the Jets' reluctance, but that's what Florio and others have suggested. Perhaps the league is attempting to convince the Jets amicably instead of forcing them to do it. Perhaps there are other factors as well.

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The Jets are likely not eager to be chosen as this year's "Hard Knocks" team, but no matter how much they might protest, if the NFL wants them to appear on the show, it's going to happen.