NY Jets 'don't intend' to trade QB Zach Wilson this offseason

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets won't be relying on Zach Wilson to be their starting quarterback in 2023 — that ship sailed after Wilson's disastrous sophomore season in the NFL this past year.

The Jets are expected to pursue a veteran quarterback, which would leave Wilson without a starting job, but that doesn't mean that the former BYU standout won't be on the roster.

The Athletic's Jeff Howe reported on Saturday that the Jets "don't intend" to trade Wilson this offseason and that the hope is that he can continue (?) to develop in a backup role.

This isn't the first time we've heard this report, and the Jets have also publicly insisted the same thing. They claim to be committed to developing Wilson, even if they hope he doesn't see the field in 2023.

Would the NY Jets consider trading Zach Wilson?

Despite what the Jets have publicly stated, and despite reports suggesting that Wilson is in their plans, I'm not sure I totally buy their reported "commitment" to his development.

These reports reek of an organization attempting to raise a player's trade value by insisting that they both believe in him and have no intentions of trading him. It's a very common occurrence in the NFL.

This isn't to say that the Jets are motivated to trade Wilson, or that they're even shopping him around, but if the right offer came their way, I'd be surprised if they were hesitant to move him.

There's always the Woody Johnson factor, as the team owner reportedly still believes that Wilson can be salvaged. There have been rumblings that Johnson has meddled in the Jets' decision-making this offseason.

Either way, even if Wilson is on the roster in 2023, there's no scenario in which the Jets can trust him to be their starter or even their primary backup. At best, Wilson should be Q3 — a weekly healthy scratch just taking up a roster spot.

If the Jets are committed to his development, that's the only route they can take.

The Jets must ensure that they have a capable backup quarterback behind whichever veteran they add, whether it's Carr, Rodgers, or especially Garoppolo. Perhaps that capable backup is Mike White.

Regardless, it can't be Wilson. The former No. 2 overall pick has not shown that he's capable of being a trustworthy backup quarterback at this stage.

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Are the Jets truly committed to Zach Wilson? That much remains to be seen. But one thing that should be abundantly clear is that he cannot factor into their quarterback plans in 2023.