NY Jets trade for Lamar Jackson in 7-round 2023 NFL Mock Draft

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
NY Jets, Lamar Jackson / G Fiume/GettyImages
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Let's get one thing straight before we begin. I don't think the NY Jets are going to trade for Lamar Jackson. This is purely a thought exercise — what could their 2023 NFL Draft class look like if they traded for Jackson?

It seems more and more likely as the days and weeks go on that Jackson could be moved this offseason. If he becomes available soon, the Jets will absolutely be interested, but timing remains the biggest obstacle.

The Jets aren't going to sit around and wait until April or May for Jackson to possibly become available. They're likely going to figure out their quarterback situation within the next couple of weeks.

Still, what if the Jets did trade for Jackson? What would a trade package look like? How would they use their remaining draft picks in 2023? Those are the questions we set out to answer with the help of Pro Football Network's mock simulator.

The NY Jets trade for Lamar Jackson

This is probably the bare minimum that it would take to land Lamar Jackson, and I wouldn't be surprised if it cost more. The going rate for a young franchise quarterback is roughly three first-round picks, so this is the best the Jets can do without dipping into 2025 draft capital.

The Jets send both of their first and second-round picks in 2023 and 2024 to the Ravens in exchange for the player they hope will lead their organization for the next decade.

The Ravens can then use those draft assets to acquire a replacement for Jackson in the draft, possibly someone like Ohio State's C.J. Stroud. It's not an ideal scenario for Baltimore, but this only happens if Jackson forces their hand.

The Ravens don't want to trade their star QB, but he could force his way out if an extension isn't agreed to this offseason. This is one trade scenario that could possibly get a deal done.