NY Jets: 5 most interesting games on the 2021 schedule

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Week 5: NY Jets @ Atlanta Falcons (London)

The NFL is going back to London and the Jets are in the first London game since 2019. The good news is this doesn't take away one of the nine home games for the Jets this year.

Scheduled for 9:30 a.m. EST, having a morning game could seem like a drag, but it is a new experience Jets fans can embrace.

The Jets only have one primetime game this season, but this can almost count as a second one since they will be the only game on in the morning.

Showcasing NFL games to other countries is the best way to grow the NFL's global presence. Hopefully, the Jets can put on a good show for the London fans, and maybe, some of those fans watching will turn into Jets fans.

People should not be surprised if, by the end of the year, Zach Wilson's jersey sales are the highest overseas.

That being said, the Falcons are still a fairly strong team. This will be a great test early in the season for this young Jets team. If the Jets can go into London and keep this game close, or even better win it, then it will be a good sign of things to come.

Last year, this would have been a game where Jets fans could have expected a loss. But this year, Jets fans should expect their team to be competitive and to eventually be able to consistently beat teams like the Falcons.