NY Jets Schedule: Breaking down their Week 5 London adventure

NY Jets
NY Jets / Tom Dulat/Getty Images

With the NY Jets finally revealing their 2021 schedule, all eyes will be on their season opener against Sam Darnold and his new team, the Carolina Panthers. A few weeks later in Week 5, however, the Jets will be making their second-ever trip overseas to London to face the Atlanta Falcons.

It will be very interesting to see what could be a fun new school vs. old school quarterback matchup between newly drafted Zach Wilson and veteran Matt Ryan. If it's one thing that was a great sight to see back in 2015 for the Jets' first-ever trip to London, was to see fans in attendance loving all the NFL action.

It's no secret that London fans have indeed enjoyed not only attending these special NFL games in person but also forming their own allegiances to various teams across the league. Being able to see one of the best quarterbacks in this year's draft class go at it against a future Pro Football Hall of Famer has everything you can ask for in a football game.

The NY Jets head to London to face the Atlanta Falcons in Week 5 action

Of course, for those of us here in the city that never sleeps that are excited to watch this game in Week 5, don't forget to bring some coffee. This matchup will take place on Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 9:30 AM Eastern Time in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This game will air on the NFL Network and for Jets fans that love breakfast and football, you will undoubtedly enjoy watching this game nice and early.

Besides enjoying some early morning football from London this upcoming season, optimism is in the air for Jets fans all across the globe. With a brand new coaching regime, tons of new players, and a potential future franchise quarterback, there is hope that the Jets can finally start putting everything together for better days ahead.

Of course, it will take time but with what is going on in the world, it'll be a great sight to see football back in just a few months with the potential of having fully filled stadiums again. 2020 was a year we'd all like to forget but so far in 2021, the Jets have been making lots of smart moves and decisions to hopefully start heading in the right direction as a franchise.

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Overall, with a scheduled game in London and excitement in the air for a new season on the horizon, here's to the Jets going 2-0 all-time overseas. They won that game against the Miami Dolphins back in 2015 as here's to history repeating itself.