Are the NY Jets about to trade John Franklin-Myers?

The Jets might be about to make a trade...
John Franklin-Myers
John Franklin-Myers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NY Jets were active on the phones on the first night of the 2024 NFL Draft, and while nothing came to fruition, the team is reportedly still exploring trade options. Only it might not be in the way many fans would think.

The Athletic's Zack Rosenblatt strongly hinted at a possible Jets trade on Friday's edition of the "Can't Wait" podcast. Rosenblatt insisted the Jets were "working on a trade" that could be completed in the very near future.

When asked about it on social media, Rosenblatt suggested he was not referring to a player the Jets would trade for, implying it would be a player on the team's roster getting dealt to another team.

This has led to speculation that defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers could be the veteran player in question. Franklin-Myers posted a cryptic message to social media on Thursday with a statement that read, "Life’s a trampoline, I’m gone bounce back regardless."

Fans have been quick to put two and two together, with rumors swirling that Franklin-Myers could be traded in the coming days.

Why would the NY Jets trade John Franklin-Myers?

Franklin-Myers is set to enter the 2024 season with a $16.36 million cap hit, the third highest on the Jets' roster. He's also under contract through the 2025 season where his cap hit will balloon to $17.41 million.

The Jets could lower his cap hit by restructuring his contract, although the team has already added two void years in 2026 and 2027. Another option would be to explore a trade.

The Jets traded for Philadelphia Eagles star Haason Reddick in the offseason, adding yet another talented piece to their defensive line rotation. While Reddick doesn't necessarily fill the same role as Franklin-Myers, the Jets could see the latter as more expendable now.

Of course, this is all just speculation right now, but it's fair to suggest that Franklin-Myers could be the subject of trade conversations, especially if the Jets are looking to trade up on Day 2 of the draft.

Franklin-Myers could be used as a trade chip as the Jets possibly move up from pick No. 72 to target a position like wide receiver. They could also move up in the draft to select Franklin-Myers' replacement, with someone like Western Michigan's Marshawn Kneeland making a ton of sense.

The Jets met with Kneeland, a projected Day 2 pick, on a top-30 visit before the draft, and while many fans might not love the idea of using a Day 2 pick on a defensive lineman, it would be a smart financial move for the organization if they like Kneeland as a prospect.

The Jets seem to be active in the trade market as we approach the second night of the draft. Don't be shocked if they move one of their players, quite possibly Franklin-Myers, during the event.