NY Jets could pay $10M+ for a backup quarterback this offseason

The Jets could pay a premium for a backup QB
Gardner Minshew
Gardner Minshew / Hali Tauxe/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NY Jets have made the mistake of consistently undervaluing the backup quarterback position throughout Joe Douglas' tenure with the organization. That might be set to change this offseason.

SNY's Connor Hughes made an appearance on the TOJ Podcast this week, and he insisted the Jets may pay a hefty premium for one of the top veteran quarterbacks on the market in free agency.

Hughes said it wouldn't surprise him at all to see the Jets pay one of the top backup quarterback options as much as $10 million or more per year this offseason. He listed Gardner Minshew and Jacoby Brissett as two possible targets.

The Jets have been notably frugal when it comes to backup quarterbacks in recent years. The team went into last season with Zach Wilson as their primary backup QB and ultimately paid the price when he was thrust into action.

The organization's plan seems to be different this time around.

The NY Jets are willing to pay a premium for a backup QB

It's not surprising to hear that the Jets will be exploring many of the top backup QB options available this offseason. General manager Joe Douglas strongly hinted at the team's desire to add a veteran backup during his end-of-the-season press conference last month.

It would, however, be a little surprising to see the Jets pay as much as Hughes suggests. A $10 AAV contract would be the largest deal for any backup quarterback in the NFL.

For comparison, Brissett was the NFL's highest-paid veteran backup QB last season, with an average AAV of $8 million per season. Minshew's AAV was only $3.5 million. Even guys like Baker Mayfield and Jamies Winston were only making $4 million per season.

The Jets are expected to be in the market for a high-profile veteran backup QB, but $10 million per season for a guy not even competing for a starting job feels like a sizable overpay.

The team has to take precautions with Aaron Rodgers recovering from a torn Achilles. It makes sense to add some much-needed security behind him, but they can probably accomplish that for less.

If Brissett and Minshew are out of their price range, the Jets could always consider longtime Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has strong ties to the Jets' coaching staff and makes sense as a reliable, affordable backup QB target.

Either way, the Jets are hoping to avoid making the same mistake they made last offseason. They plan to prioritize spending on a competent backup quarterback.

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