NY Jets not expected to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo (obviously)

NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo
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When NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson initially went down with what appeared to be a serious knee injury, many immediately feared the worst. The thought process quickly shifted to what the Jets could do at the quarterback position in the event that Wilson was forced to miss a significant amount of time.

Naturally, Jimmy Garoppolo's name popped up.

The 49ers quarterback crossed paths with Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur in San Francisco and has been on the trade block for quite some time. However, even if Wilson was sidelined for an extended period of time, it doesn't seem like Garoppolo was ever actually in the discussion.

That's especially true following the update that Wilson will only miss a few weeks with what was eventually revealed to be a bone bruise and a partial meniscus tear.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported earlier in the week that, while Wilson very well might miss the start of the regular season, the Jets have no plans to trade for Garoppolo. That much should be obvious.

Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo would have made no sense for the NY Jets

There's a reason that Garoppolo still hasn't been traded even as we approach the start of the regular season. The eight-year NFL veteran enters the 2022 season with a cap hit of $26.95 million. He's a fine quarterback, but few teams can (or are willing to) take on that contract.

On top of that, the Jets feel very comfortable with their quarterback room. Head coach Robert Saleh has gone on record saying he believes the Jets have three starting quarterbacks on their roster, and they have iterated multiple times that they feel Flacco, in particular, is a starter in this league.

Even if Wilson was going to be sidelined for the entire season, it's still highly likely that they would have stuck with Flacco and Mike White. Given that Wilson is expected to be out for, at most, 2-3 games, it never made sense for the Jets to trade for Garoppolo.

Instead, the Jets will lean on the veteran Flacco until Wilson is able to return. Meanwhile, Garoppolo will remain in San Francisco until some team is desperate enough to take on his contract.

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That team won't be the Jets, however. It'll be the Joe Flacco show for the time being.