NY Jets a potential midseason trade partner for Jimmy Garoppolo?

NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo
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The NY Jets are very happy with their quarterback room. They believe that they have assembled a QB room that features young talent, veteran leadership, and crucial depth. They couldn't be happier with the trio of Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, and Mike White.

That hasn't stopped some from suggesting the Jets could still look to add to that room at some point this season, though.

Bleacher Report's Maurice Moton recently speculated about potential trade partners for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Among the obvious contenders like the Seattle Seahawks or even the Cleveland Browns, Moton listed the Jets as possible candidates.

Moton insisted that the Jets made a lot of sense as potential midseason trade partners, especially if Wilson were to struggle over the first half of the season.

"As a midseason trade partner, the New York Jets make sense if Zach Wilson struggles through October. Jets offensive play-caller Mike LaFleur worked with Garoppolo for four years between 2017 and 2020 as the 49ers' passing game coordinator. Though Gang Green has backup quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Mike White, the front office may look for a new bridge-gap option for 2023 if Wilson doesn't show any progress this year."

Maurice Moton

Would the NY Jets really consider trading for Jimmy Garoppolo?

It's hard to imagine a scenario where the Jets actually consider a trade for Garoppolo. The Jets are going to give Wilson all the time in the world to develop and improve this season.

For them to lose patience and essentially give up on him before the trade deadline, Wilson would have to play so horrifically that the coaching staff and front office already resorted to survival mode after just a few weeks.

He'd need to be Christian Hackenberg levels of bad for this to be in consideration.

Wilson obviously encountered his fair share of ups and downs as a rookie, but the 22-year-old did show noticeable signs of growth as the year went on. Even Wilson's staunchest doubters would likely agree that a scenario like this is highly unlikely.

Not to mention, if the Jets were to bench Wilson for any reason, they'd very likely turn to the veteran they already have on their roster in Joe Flacco. They wouldn't give up assets for a different veteran quarterback on an expensive contract, even if he has experience with the current coaching staff.

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It's easy to see where the author is coming from here, but I wouldn't put any money on the Jets trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, even if the team's doomsday scenario occurs.