NY Jets listed as 'favorites' to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo
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The NY Jets seem to have found their quarterback of the future in Zach Wilson in this past year's draft. At least, that's certainly what the team hopes to be true.

What does seem to be a given, however, is that Wilson will be the Jets' starting quarterback in 2022 — obviously. Despite experiencing his fair share of rookie struggles, Wilson showed more than enough promise to convince the Jets to not give up on him after one season.

However, that didn't stop Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports from listing the Jets as one of the so-called "favorites" to trade for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. Yes, really.

It goes without saying that this move makes little sense for everyone involved. Even Benjamin suggests that the Jets "aren't ready to give up on Zach Wilson," which makes this trade proposal all the more confusing.

"No, they're not ready to give up on Zach Wilson, but GM Joe Douglas should know the value of a good veteran backup plan after 2021. Coach Robert Saleh is familiar with Garoppolo from San Francisco, as is offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, who was the 49ers' passing game coordinator from 2017-2020. Call it a Ryan Tannehill-style play for an emergency option."

Cody Benjamin

No, the NY Jets aren't trading for Jimmy Garoppolo

It should be noted that Benjamin's article features as many as 12 teams that could be landing spots for Garoppolo. Evidently, nearly half the league isn't considering trading for Garoppolo. But it does say something that Benjamin listed the Jets as one of the "favorites."

This isn't going to happen. You don't need me to tell you that, and anyone suggesting otherwise is wasting their time.

Just because Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur have "experience" with Garoppolo, doesn't mean the team will show any interest. Garoppolo is set to have a cap hit of just under $27 million in 2022, a large figure for a player who probably isn't any better than the 20th-best QB in the league — if that.

Wilson may not be the answer, but he has a better chance of becoming an above-average starter than the 30-year-old Garoppolo does at this stage. Not to mention, the Jets aren't looking for veteran insurance, especially at that price.

The Jets will likely look to bring back both Mike White and Joe Flacco in 2022 giving them two dependable options behind Wilson. And they'll come at a fraction of the price that Garoppolo would.

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File this under another unnecessary offseason talk piece. Let's move on and never speak of this again.