NY Jets QB target Aaron Rodgers is 'destined for a break-up' with the Packers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seemingly has three options to choose from. He can choose to play for a new team in 2023, very likely the NY Jets. He can choose to return for one more season with the Packers. Or he could choose to walk away and retire from the NFL.

The decision Rodgers makes will have ripple effects on not only the Packers and Jets but on the entirety of the professional football landscape. Rodgers is well aware of this — perhaps one of the primary reasons he has decided to take his time.

But while Rodgers drags this ordeal out, both the Jets and Packers are getting impatient. Unlike in previous offseasons, the Packers don't appear to be at the mercy of their franchise icon. In fact, they might just be ready to move on.

ESPN's Jeff Darlington touched on the Rodgers situation on Wednesday, and he shared some pretty interesting quotes about how the Packers currently view their longtime star quarterback.

Darlington insisted that Rodgers and the Packers "appear destined for a break-up," citing Green Bay's desire to move forward with Jordan Love as their starting quarterback in 2023. Combine that with Rodgers' tiresome antics and the Packers might be done with him.

The NY Jets might be one step closer to trading for Aaron Rodgers

This would, of course, be good news for a Jets team that has been eyeing Rodgers as their preferred quarterback option for months now. Their reported "infatuation" with Rodgers dates back to well before the Senior Bowl — it's been the league's worst-kept secret.

As the weeks have gone on, the potential suitors for Rodgers have continued to diminish. At this point, it seems as though the Jets are the sole logical landing spot remaining for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

The Las Vegas Raiders are eyeing the draft. The Tennessee Titans appear to be sticking with Ryan Tannehill. The Packers have no desire to trade Rodgers within the NFC. It's the Jets or bust if Rodgers wants to play for a new team in 2023.

If the Packers decide that they don't want Rodgers on their roster next season, his options will be limited to simply playing for the Jets or retiring. Those are pretty good odds if you're the Jets.

Joe Douglas and the Jets remain in close contact with free-agent quarterback Derek Carr as they await Rodgers' decision — they're not putting all their eggs in the Rodgers basket — but Green Bay's perceived hesitance to stick with Rodgers is certainly a notable development.

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The Jets and the NFL world continue to await Rodgers' decision, but the Packers may have already made theirs.