NY Jets make the right decision promoting Zach Wilson to QB2

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh spoke to the media on Wednesday prior to practice and told reporters that quarterback Zach Wilson is set to be the primary backup behind Joe Flacco in Week 15.

Wilson has spent the last three weeks as a healthy scratch on game days following his benching after the team's 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 11.

Saleh explained that the Jets were impressed with Wilson's development in practice over the last few weeks and believed he was ready to be active on game days again. However, he did reiterate that "this is Mike White's opportunity."

While Saleh insisted that the Jets still want to see Wilson on the field at some point, it remains abundantly clear that this is White's team. If he's healthy and continues to play well, the Jets aren't going to make a switch.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson has seemingly shown signs of progress in practice

"Zach's been doing a great job. He's been deliberate in his approach over the last three weeks. He's been holding himself accountable with regard to how he wants to attack practice.""

Robert Saleh

Whether the Jets truly believe Wilson has made significant progress or they simply saw what Flacco did this past week is unclear. Saleh called it a "coincidence" that Wilson was promoted a few days after Flacco's blunders on Sunday, but that could just be coach speak.

Either way, this is an important step for Wilson who is simply looking to salvage his Jets and NFL careers at this point. With White nursing a ribs injury, there's every chance Wilson does eventually get another opportunity to play.

At the very least, Wilson has the mobility and escapability that Flacco doesn't. That alone gives him a leg up on his competition.

In an ideal world, White stays healthy and continues to play well, and the Jets don't need to consider their backup options. But football is unpredictable — you never know when Wilson might be called into action.

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The Jets have given Zach Wilson a vote of confidence. It's his first step in what could be a lengthy redemption process.