NY Jets: Rex Ryan is suddenly a huge Robert Saleh supporter

NY Jets, Rex Ryan
NY Jets, Rex Ryan / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

Hopefully this is the last we hear of this petty NY Jets feud.

Former and current Jets coaches Rex Ryan and Robert Saleh have been firing shots at each other all last week. It started with Ryan publicly ripping apart the Jets' coaching staff after Week 10, to which Saleh responded by telling Ryan he "knows where to find me."

Well, Ryan did in fact "find" Saleh, and the two shared a surprisingly civil conversation, per Ryan on his most recent ESPN appearance.

Ryan's tone when talking about this Jets team was completely unrecognizable.

Ryan didn't mention that the Jets were heading into Week 11 with a 2-7 record (at the time), or that their defense is the worst in the league in total yards allowed (417.1) and points allowed (32.9) per game, prior to this past Sunday's game.

Instead, Ryan spoke words of....optimism? And encouragement? Ryan's face looked as incredulous as ours did.

"I was blown away by the guy. He’s got a direction for this football team. I’m telling you, Jets fans, the more I talked to him, the more impressed I was with Robert Saleh. I became a fan of his. Taking my call and all that speaks volumes about him."

Rex Ryan on Robert Saleh

NY Jets coach Robert Saleh and Rex Ryan make amends...temporarily?

Did someone replace Ryan with a nicer clone of himself? Did Ryan get hit on the head and suddenly forget everything he said weeks prior?

In this very odd turn of events, Ryan and Saleh almost sound like affable acquaintances. One could possibly imagine the two of them tossing a football at the park and laughing over their worst Jets experiences.

"But it was way more about, we put that stuff behind us. It was about the future of this team, and I’m just telling you something, this guy’s got a great plan and I think they got it right."

Rex Ryan

Ryan placing his newfound faith in Saleh and the Jets doesn't quite sit right with us, as if it's the purported calm before the storm.

For all we know, after the Jets' loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Ryan could revert back to his loud-mouthing ways and another eye-rolling spat could be in the making.

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One enlightening conversation may have changed Ryan's mind for now, but one good game will definitely not change the Jets' atrocious season. It would, however, be a start.