NY Jets rejected by another offensive coordinator candidate

NY Jets, Bill Callahan

The NY Jets are still searching for their next offensive coordinator following the team's decision to part ways with Mike LaFleur. As it seems, they're having a little trouble attracting quality candidates.

Cleveland Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan became the second candidate to reject an interview with the Jets for their vacant offensive coordinator position.

A former Jets assistant and one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the NFL, Callahan is one of the highest-paid assistants in the league and opted to sign an extension with the Browns as opposed to entertaining an offer from the Jets.

This comes just days after Miami Dolphins pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Darrell Bevell declined to interview with the Jets as well. Bevell was the perceived favorite for the job, but it takes two to tango.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Jets are struggling to convince quality candidates to join the organization.

Why the NY Jets' offensive coordinator job is not attractive to prospective candidates

Part of the issue with firing LaFleur in the first place is that it was assumed the Jets would struggle to attract potential candidates. That's proven to be the case as we enter the second week of the team's offensive coordinator search.

The root of the issue ultimately comes down to job security. Prospective candidates recognize that the Jets' job may very well be a one-and-done gig. If the Jets fail to make the playoffs in 2023, everyone in that building might be fired.

Combine that with the Jets' historical revolving door at offensive coordinator (no Jets OC has lasted more than two years with the organization since Brian Schottenheimer), and it's no surprise coaches aren't looking to bank their resumes on this Jets job.

That doesn't mean the Jets won't get anyone, and it doesn't mean they can't hire a good candidate. But candidates like Bevell and Callahan who have other opportunities aren't exactly going to jump at the chance to join the Jets, no matter how much money Woody Johnson throws at them.

That's bad news for fans eyeing coaches like Todd Monken or Frank Reich. Why would they take the Jets' job when they have better, more appealing opportunities?

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While Mike LaFleur seems to be a hot commodity and the favorite to be Sean McVay's next offensive coordinator, the Jets are struggling to attract the top candidates on the market. That's the unfortunate reality of the situation they've created for themselves.