NY Jets DT Quinnen Williams expected to hold out of OTAs

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams
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The NY Jets hope and expect to work out an extension with star defensive tackle Quinnen Williams this offseason. Following a career year in 2022, Williams has more than earned the payday he is likely to receive.

That said, it doesn't appear as though the two sides are particularly close on extension talks. The Athletic's Zack Rosenblatt reported on Friday that the Jets' roster is in a bit of a holding pattern until the eventual Aaron Rodgers deal gets done.

That includes potential signings of players like Ben Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. — although we may see some movement on the latter soon — and, of course, an extension for Williams.

Rosenblatt proceeded to say that "Williams will likely hold out of OTAs" this spring. This shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise, either. Williams publicly told reporters back in January that he would hold out of spring meetings if he didn't receive a new contract.

Barring an unforeseen turn of events, Williams will not be present at the start of team meetings next Monday, and he will not show up for OTAs in June — at least not without an extension. That's perfectly fine, though.

The NY Jets are not panicking about a Quinnen Williams extension

Williams isn't the only star defensive tackle looking for an extension this offseason. The likes of Daron Payne and Jeffery Simmons have both received sizable paydays, while other young stars such as Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins, and even Chris Jones are hoping to receive new deals.

The defensive tackle market is exploding this offseason, and the deal Williams receives could be a true market-setter. He's not going to touch Aaron Donald money, but Williams is likely looking to become the second-highest-paid defensive tackle in football.

Neither the Jets nor Williams seems to be concerned about the deal getting done. If anything, the presence of Williams' brother, Quincy, should allow for a more cordial negotiating process. No one wants to see the Williams brothers split up.

Simmons' deal came in at $23.5 million per year over four seasons. It's expected that Williams' extension will likely be north of that, perhaps somewhere around $25 million per year.

The Jets expect to get a Quinnen Williams extension done this summer. Williams is expecting — and essentially demanding — a new contract as well.

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A deal might not be imminent, and there may be some minor bumps along the way, but it's probably safe to say that an agreement will be reached. Both sides are motivated.