Quinnen Williams contract: Projecting what an extension might look like

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams
NY Jets, Quinnen Williams / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NY Jets have vowed to extend Quinnen Williams this offseason following the All-Pro defensive tackle's request back in January. It seems likely to happen, even with the Jets focusing most of their attention on their pursuit of Aaron Rodgers.

Both Williams and the Jets are motivated to get a deal done this offseason, but as the weeks and months continue to pass, his price tag is likely only going up.

The defensive tackle market has begun to explode this offseason, with the Daron Payne extension essentially setting the bar for players like Williams, Dexter Lawrence, Jeffery Simmons, and Christian Wilkins.

There are a number of high-profile young defensive tackles in need of a new contract this offseason, Williams included, and they're all about to get paid. But how much are we talking about? What might a Quinnen Williams contract extension look like?

What might Quinnen Williams' new contract look like?

Let's use Payne's deal as a barometer of sorts. The Commanders gave Payne a four-year, $90 million extension worth $22.5 million per year. The deal came with a whopping $55 million in guarantees and made him the second-highest-paid defensive tackle in football behind Aaron Donald.

Williams' contract is going to be more than that. It's likely going to cost the Jets more in both guarantees and average annual value. That's what Williams' value is.

Now, he's not going to touch Aaron Donald money. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is making an absurd $31.67 million per season on a three-year deal. No one is coming close to matching that contract.

Still, Williams is going to cost the Jets a hefty chunk of change. He's almost certain to surpass C.J. Mosley's $85 million contract as the most expensive deal in Jets history.

What Williams' extension looks like might depend on timing. Do the Jets want to re-set the bar, or do they want Lawrence, Simmons, and Wilkins to receive their deals first? Waiting could cost the Jets more money, especially given how rapidly the defensive tackle market is growing.

Either way, a fair projection for a Quinnen Williams contract extension is probably somewhere in the ballpark of four years and $100 million. That would see Williams earn $25 million per year with likely at least $60 million in guarantees.

$25 million a year might seem high, but that's the nature of the current defensive tackle market. Williams, Lawrence, Simmons, Wilkins, and Payne are resetting the market this offseason. That's great news for the players, and it simply means teams must adapt.

If Payne is making $22.5 million a year over four years, it's hard to argue that Williams doesn't deserve $25 million. After all, Williams was one of only four players to receive first-place votes for Defensive Player of the Year in 2022. He's a special talent.

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The Jets know that. Quinnen Williams and his agent know that. And soon enough, he'll have a contract to reflect his value and production.