The NY Jets' previous QB failures skew the Zach Wilson conversation

Zach Wilson, NY Jets
Zach Wilson, NY Jets / Elsa/GettyImages

It's been a tough few days for NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and a great few days for many of his doubters.

After a few weeks where Wilson's play was neutral at best, what many fans feared could be possible came to fruition. His play was the reason why the team lost.

It also couldn't have come at a worse time considering it was at home against the often-maligned New England Patriots.

There were some bad signs when it came to Wilson's decision-making, and his lack of ability to see the field was apparent.

NY Jets fans are jaded after years of failed quarterbacks

With that being said, it's difficult to understate how much the past history of the organization plays a role in the anger and disappointment coming out of the Jets fanbase right now.

Criticism is warranted, and the main reason why fans have a right to be upset is because, this time around, there is a legitimately good team surrounding the quarterback amidst a surprisingly good start to the season.

It feels like a waste to have the young quarterback be the main reason why the team isn't reaching its full potential. If fans want to hedge their bets on the Zach Wilson lottery ticket and be out on him this early, that's their right. But it feels a tad early to make a definitive judgment on him already.

The situation when it comes to the performance (and lack thereof) is reminiscent of the previous Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. Both players are clearly talented, but their lack of consistency and continuous mistakes make it hard to believe.

With both players, it never felt like there was a consistent understanding of the game. It's a hard thing to ask of players who were both young coming out of college and thrust into starting roles right away.

An argument can be made in Darnold's favor that he at least had the excuse of lack of talent surrounding him and being able to do more with less.

Seeing stats from the last four young quarterbacks the Jets heavily invested in is tough to see. It also makes it a lot easier to jump to the conclusion that Wilson is going to turn out the same way.

Zach Wilson still has time to turn things around with the NY Jets

Wilson should have the rest of the season to prove whether or not he can go beyond simply reducing mistakes and actually be a positive for the team rather than just a neutral.

He doesn't need to be the reason that the team wins, but he should at least be a reason, and he most definitely shouldn't be the deciding factor in how the team loses.

The organization made a fair and firm stance this week, publicizing their commitment to Wilson for the rest of the year. How he plays will dictate what the organization does in the offseason at the position, ranging from bringing in a competitive backup or a potential replacement for an otherwise ascending roster.

It does no good to think about hypotheticals of which side of the pendulum that will swing toward.

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For now, Wilson will be under an intense microscope, and it will be interesting to see how that affects his play for better or worse.