Can the NY Jets put the Giants away early in Week 8?

Can the Jets avoid relying on late-game heroics this week?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Breece Hall / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

This one is simple — in five of their six games so far, the NY Jets have faced a one-score margin with two minutes left in the game. I’m not sure how your health is, but my doctor told me I can only handle a few more nail-biting Jets games before my heart gives out.

It appears that the defense is the unit we’d prefer to have out there on the field in the event that it’s a one-score game with a two-minute drill in progress.

They emphatically sealed the wins against Denver and Philadelphia and were twice poised to stop the Chiefs in their tracks before two separate questionable calls kept that drive alive.

Special teams sealed the Buffalo win, and in the offense’s lone game as the potential game-winning unit, they failed in two separate two-minute drills. The first one was a safety, and the next one was a four and out.

Can the NY Jets avoid a nail-biting conclusion against the Giants?

Conversely, the Giants have only had three game-winning drive situations in their seven games played this season. It can be argued that they have no preference for which unit is out there since they’ve pretty much executed each and every time they’ve been put into that situation.

Tied at 28-28 on their own 28-yard line with 2:31 left, Daniel Jones drove down the field and set up a 34-yard field goal from Graham Gano with 19 seconds for the win.

Just last week, the Commanders were 18 yards away from paydirt with two minutes left in the game while the Giants defended a 14-7 lead. 59 seconds later, the Giants were able to stop them on fourth down and seal the win.

While the Bills game officially counts as a loss, there is no shame in driving down the field in just 84 seconds of play and having a last-second play from the 1-yard line with the score at 14-9.

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t see the hold on this play unless, of course, you ask any of the referees of that game who didn’t call anything.

Perhaps if Taylor Swift or Donna Kelce were in the stands wearing blue, they’d be 3-0 in such situations, but instead, we just have to acknowledge that the unit in question performed well for the Giants in all three instances.

So, the best method to avoid losing to a team that has consistently performed well in late-game situations? Avoid the late-game situation altogether, and make this a multiple-score game by the time the final two-minute warning comes around.

Easier said than done, I know, but totally possible!