NY Jets catch unlucky break by playing Giants backup QB Tyrod Taylor in Week 8

The Jets would rather face Daniel Jones...
NY Jets, Tyrod Taylor
NY Jets, Tyrod Taylor / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Typically, it's seen as a lucky break when an NFL team is fortunate enough to play a team's backup quarterback. It's unlikely the NY Jets feel that way ahead of their Week 8 matchup with Tyrod Taylor and the New York Giants.

Taylor has started the last two weeks in place of the injured Daniel Jones (neck), and while there was some optimism that Jones could return this week, Giants head coach Brian Daboll told reporters on Friday that their highly-paid starting QB would miss another game.

That means the Jets will be forced to face the Giants' backup quarterback in this game. However, if you ask the Jets, they'd probably rather be facing Jones.

While Jones can't solely be blamed for the Giants' struggles, it is notable that his team has found considerably more success in the two games he's missed this season. That's not all a result of their defensive resurgence, either.

The NY Jets should prefer to face Daniel Jones over Tyrod Taylor

In five starts this season, Jones has thrown for just two touchdowns and six interceptions. His 3.8 turnover-worthy play percentage ranks sixth-worst in the NFL, and he's managed to score a touchdown in just one game all year.

In fact, if you remove that Week 2 game against the Arizona Cardinals (the only game Jones scored a touchdown this season), the Giants' offense is averaging an abysmal 7.75 points per game with Jones under center. That's really bad.

Meanwhile, the Giants nearly stole a win against the Buffalo Bills with Taylor starting, and they did manage to secure a victory over the Washington Commanders last week.

In two starts, Taylor has completed over 66 percent of his passes, thrown for nearly 500 yards, and has a pair of touchdowns to go along with zero interceptions. Taylor's 1.8 turnover-worthy play percentage would rank second-best in the NFL if he played enough snaps to qualify.

The Giants are playing safe and competent football with Taylor at quarterback. Their offense isn't lighting up the stat sheet, but Taylor is going enough to keep the Giants competitive. He's not losing them games in the way that Jones was.

That's what makes Taylor a much better matchup against this Jets defense.

The Jets' defense prides itself on forcing mistakes and capitalizing on turnover opportunities. The Jets rank fourth in the NFL in takeaways, and the three teams above them have all played 1-2 more games.

It's why the Jets' defense has found so much success against quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen this season while struggling against the Mac Jones' of the world.

This Jets defense thrives when facing quarterbacks that push the envelope. They punish opposing QBs for taking chances while allowing more conservative quarterbacks to connect on the underneath stuff.

It's worked out well for the Jets this season, but Taylor falls into the "conservative quarterback" category, at least when compared to the turnover-happy Daniel Jones.

Ultimately, there's still no reason to be scared of a Taylor-led Giants offense, but if given the choice between the two, there's no doubt in my mind that the Jets would rather be facing Jones this week.

Unfortunately, they'll be forced to play his "backup" instead.