NY Jets: Power ranking Zach Wilson and the rookie QBs though 5 weeks

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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6. Trey Lance, QB , San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance has the smallest sample size of any of the quarterbacks on this list having started just one game to less-than-stellar results. Lance completed 51 percent of his passes for 192 yards and an interception in the 49ers' Week 5 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

He found some success on the ground as he carried the ball a whopping 16 times for 89 yards. To this point, the 49ers have gone a good job maximizing Lance's unmatched athleticism and the superstar traits are obviously there.

Unfortunately, he was just far too inefficient and inaccurate in his first start to warrant a higher ranking on this list.

The potential is clearly there, though, and if the 49ers given him more opportunities to play as the season goes on, we'll likely see him make significant strides.

5. Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

Much like Lance, we've seen the flashes from Zach Wilson this season. His Week 4 game against the Tennessee Titans that saw him named Rookie of the Week is the best example of that.

Wilson made a number of throws in that game that only 10-15 human beings on this planet could probably make. Again, the talent is clearly there.

But Wilson has struggled with the easy stuff through five weeks and has had more bad than good performances. He's been particularly bad under pressure with an abysmal 29.3 completion percentage when pressured.

On top of that, he leads the NFL with nine interceptions and has had quite a few head-scratching moments.

Wilson has the talent to play at a high level in this league, but the fundamentals remain a challenge for him.