NY Jets players react to the Derek Carr news on Twitter

NY Jets, Derek Carr
NY Jets, Derek Carr / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

NY Jets players have taken to social media on numerous occasions this offseason to recruit prospective quarterbacks to join the team, but on Monday, their quarterback-related tweets looked a little different.

Derek Carr agreed to terms on a four-year, $150 million contract with the New Orleans Saints on Monday morning, officially eliminating a potential option for the Jets.

Carr had been recruited by Jets cornerbacks Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed on Twitter over the last month or so, with Reed even suggesting that he'd be willing to give Carr his No. 4 if he came to the Jets.

Unfortunately, with Carr now off the table, Jets players shared a different reaction. The likes of Will Parks, Garrett Wilson, and Justin Hardee all shared their thoughts on Carr's decision to join the Saints.

NY Jets players aren't too happy about the Derek Carr news

Parks was the first to comment on Carr's decision, asking why Carr wouldn't want to play with the "No. 1 defense in America," while taking a shot at the four-time Pro Bowler's notable struggles in cold weather.

Hardee replied with a simple "shaking my head" reaction, while Wilson offered a bit more optimism, insisting that "it's coo[l]." This all reads as Jets players feeling slighted, at least jokingly, by Carr's choice to sign with the Saints.

Of course, in reality, the Jets never made Carr a formal offer. It seems as though Carr was all for signing with the Jets with a report on Sunday night insisting that they were his preference.

However, the former Raiders quarterback got tired of waiting around for the Jets and Aaron Rodgers to make their decisions. That Sunday night report from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler could certainly be interpreted as a leak from Carr's camp designed to pressure the Jets.

The Jets never budged as their focus remains squarely on Rodgers. It's a gamble, of course, but it's one the Jets are evidently willing to take.

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Carr didn't choose the Saints over the Jets. The Jets chose Rodgers over Carr. Only time will tell if their gamble was worth the risk.